Radar will be Moved

Matt Howard
Abbey Candidate Councillor

25 January 2021

Local Community Succeed in Persuading Marshall to Move their Massive Radar

After 4 months of campaigning, residents near the Marshall Airport site are celebrating the decision to move a massive and overbearing radar structure away from their homes.

On a zoom call on 25 January with Directors of Marshall, other local residents and councillors, Matt Howard Green Party candidate councillor for Abbey who has been a central member of the campaign team said “I think it’s a very sensible and welcome decision that you’ve come to. I think it’s in vast majority testament to the work that the residents in our street have been campaigning for, real congratulations to all the residents who have fought for this”

Matt Howard at newly proposed radar site announced 25 Jan 2021 (Barnwell Drive)
Proposed radar location move (google satellite view looking south from above The Westering CB5)
Matt Howard in front of the Overbearing Radar, Erected September 2020
Radar as erected over houses October 2020

Matt requested confirmation that the distance between the newly proposed site (in amongst commercial property) and the next nearest residential dwelling would instead be  “about 150 metres – to Barnes Close, and that it will be nowhere near as imposing for residents there, so that [the problem] is not just displaced to a different location”. This is in comparison to the current location of less than 40 metres to the nearest house.

Matt adds after the meeting “This is true people power in action – the community spoke and made our feelings known in as many ways as possible.

The sense of solidarity started after a spate of burglaries in 2019 and has been solidified through the pandemic with a vibrant whatsapp group and meet-ups either online or in person as pandemic restrictions have allowed.

Ultimately, we now have a great sense of community spirit and togetherness. It’s really fantastic to live alongside people who stand-up for each other. I’m glad Marshall have started on the course to correct the awful initial decision to site this huge structure so close to residential housing; however, I’m sure the community will continue to hold the company to account especially around other ongoing noise issues.”

Marshall continued to avoid publicly confirming that the primary reason for moving the radar at all was to avoid prejudicing their proposed developments bordering Cherry Hinton, even though such admittal has been seen in what were previously private letters. Questions also still remain around why councillors did not consult, or at least open a discussion, with residents when the move of the radar in light of these developments north of Cherry Hinton were discussed at planning meetings. However, for now, immediate neighbours of the airport can take solace and great hope in their hugely successful collective action.