Statement from Cllr Naomi Bennett regarding easyHotel demolition of 2 Godesdone Road

We recently learned that the developers of easyHotel demolished 2 Godesdone Road in Cambridge, which was a flagrant breach of planning permissions given. We, and the local community strongly opposed this development and we were extremely unhappy to learn about this (click here for a link to an article from Cambridge Independent from June 2018 for some history to this situation).

We immediately got in touch with the council to ask for the strongest possible action against the developer due to the damage done to the area.

Councillor Naomi Bennett said: “Planning enforcement made a same day visit to the site in response to our urgent request from Councillor Copley, and work has ceased as the breech is investigated. We’re very grateful to the Council’s Planning Enforcement Department for this prompt action, and will be following up closely on this.”




Hannah Copley • Naomi Bennett

Thank you so much for choosing us (Naomi Bennett and Hannah Charlotte Copley) as your new two Councillors for Abbey Ward. We send our deeply heartfelt appreciation to our wonderful residents who share this place as their home. We look forward to serving you and campaigning for a better Abbey. Thank you.


Working Hard • Greens Win Here • Standing up for Abbey

Our Four Pillars for Abbey

More Protected Green Space

Cllr Hannah Copley

The pandemic has shown us just how important green space is. Abbey’s Green Spaces must be better protected from proposed nearby developments and its biodiversity encouraged.

Better Green Transport

Jeremy Caddick

The current travel network in Abbey, especially buses, is very poorly connected. Congestion on Newmarket Road, potholes, cycle lanes which end suddenly all makes this worse. Abbey needs better, greener transport now.

Local Wellbeing not Developer Profit

Matt Howard

The level of development in Cambridge is currently unsustainable. Projects always prioritise the profits of developers not residents. We should build only genuinely affordable and sustainable houses which meet the needs of local people.

Build Community Reduce Inequality

Cllr Naomi Bennett

Abbey is an often forgotten part of the most unequal city in the UK. Through strengthening community ties and sharing resources more fairly across the city, we can improve the lives of Abbey residents.